Sit Bones or Butt Bones are the points of your pelvis that first make contact with the surface of your bicycle saddle when riding. These Sit Bones or Butt Bones are surrounded by nerves that after prolonged contact with even a soft surface such as a padded saddle get agitated and cause discomfort and pain. 

 Getting your bicycle fitted to your personal anatomy is crucial in achieving optimal healthy riding. Finding the correct saddle that matched your sit bone distance is important but doesn't always eliminate the pain and discomfort caused by sitting for an extended period of time.

This reason being, is that the saddle is stationary (static) and cannot change shape. Pump Shorts and Pump Bibs are (dynamic) meaning that after you adjust and locking them in place at your exact Sit Bone or Butt Bones distance, you can inflate and deflate the pads giving relief to those nerves that surround the Sit Bones. This is a game changer!

To position the pads before you insert them into your PumpShorts or your PumpBibs you must know your exact sit bone distance. There is an easy way to find this distance out yourself without going to the local bicycle shop to have them measure you.

Things you will need in order to find you  Sit Bone (butt bone) Distance.

• A ruler 
• A piece of corrugated cardboard, the thicker the better.
• A piece of chalk
• A hard surface like a piano bench to sit on.

Take a piece of corrugated cardboard and put it on a hard flat surface like a piano bench. While sitting on the cardboard have your feet propped up off the floor on a shoe box or skateboard. Your sit bones will leave indentations in the cardboard. Rub the surface of the cardboard with the flat side of a piece of chalk or crayon until you notice the indentation appear and become visible. Mark the center of each indentation and measure between them. The distance those two points are apart from one your  Sit Bone (Butt Bone) Distance.

Velcro the pads apart from one another using the center lines on the pads. Then you can Velcro the pads firmly into the PumpShorts or PumpBib's hidden pocket after unzipping the concealed zipper. Click on this SetUp link to see how to insert the pumps and lock-in the release valves before riding.