Saddles vs Pump Shorts and Pump Bibs March 23

Lets say for reference sake we call a bike saddle "Hardware", and use the term "Software" to refer to bicycle apparel (nothing to do with computers). Now lets have a discussion about hardware vs software in terms of how they can help you with cycling ailments such as saddles soreness, numbness and groin pain.

It seems as though every bike accessory company, bicycle builder and bicycle fitting aficionado has developed a unique saddle design to target the sit bones and relieve the pressure on the perineum tissue. However all of these saddles are HARDWARE based. Significantly speaking they do not move, they are set and most aren't adjustable. So if you miss the target on your sit bone distance you have to buy another saddle. Conversely a pair of bike shorts or bibs are soft,hence the term "software".

So why do cyclist experience riding ailments with even expensive ridding apparel that have gel pads. Because of the same issue hardware solutions have on ones butt; THEY DON"T MOVE, and are static. Hard saddle - HARDWARE!

Our company PUMPSHORTS make shorts and bibs that had a removable apparatus that is easily to install into our proprietary apparel (bibs and shorts) that can adjust laterally and expand and contract with air making your pads dynamic. DYNAMIC is the key to our products success. You have a SOFTWARE solution to an age old problem of cycling ailments giving you the ability to adjust the pads to your exact sit bone distance and also have the ability to control that amount of padding with the touch of your fingertips.

How cool is that. No hard saddles to experiment with, return, get another one, return again, and so on, to find the ideal one. For that ride. What about the next? Our shorts and bibs you buy once and after you measure and set the sit bone distance you can control the cushioning of the pads whenever you feel some discomfort. It also lifts you off the part of the saddle that effects the perineum that cause prostrate swelling and groin pain.

Go to PUMPSHORTS.COM to watch a video on these amazing products.