Why purchasing the best bicycle saddle won't relieve you rear end pain.

Saddle manufacturers love to talk about how their saddle will work the best for cyclist. They say too much cushion is bad and leather saddles are good, Yada yada. The truth is no saddle can relieve you saddle soreness all of the time and in must cases the pain returns after prolong sitting. Here are what the experts say causes saddle soreness; 

  • Long periods of exercise/activity for the legs  
  • Prolonged sitting (particularly on hard surfaces). 

Its almost impossible to avoid these two points when cycling. You have to sit for a while and exercise your legs. That is what cycling is!

Pump Shorts and Pump Bibs take a medical and anatomical approach to this cycling issues of pain and discomfort. By giving the rider the ability to change dynamics of the pad shape and giving relief to the surrounding nerves of the sit bones. This way the pressure points can be changed, giving more or less cushion to those areas when needed. All on the fly and in the saddle while riding.